Elevate your Royal Look with Kundan studded Silver Plated Jewellery - The Beta Girl Jewellery Studio

Elevate your Royal Look with Kundan studded Silver Plated Jewellery - The Beta Girl Jewellery Studio

First rule of getting dressed – Don’t skip the jewelry. As jewelry is treated as less important while getting dressed or choosing an outfit for any of the occasion but it is the significant part of outfit itself. And like we choose outfits following the new trend same goes with the jewelry. We at Beta Girl always stay updated with the ongoing trend and fashion in our Silver Look alike Jewelry collection.

The concept of Kundan has been the popular choice for centuries and it reminds you of Mughal Era. Gold jewelry with kundan has been in the market since many years but the Silver look alike oxidized and silver plated jewelry displaying kundan is the new trend getting developed. And instead of styling only gold imitation jewelry people have also shifted to wearing silver look alike oxidized jewelry for any of the important events.

Now a days it is noticed that people prefer Traditional Indian jewelry rather than fancy or modern jewelry for any special occasions. Silver look alike jewelry with the beauty of Kundan in it gives Royal Traditional look to your dressing. These jewelry with the charm of kundan adorns your beauty and it stands out from other regular silver oxidized jewelry. This article will surely convince you to update your jewelry collection with one or more kundan studded jewelry. This will also lead you to explore our popular designs in earrings & chokers to rings and Bracelets/Kadas..

Presenting Best of Beta Girl jewellery.

1. Kundan Studded Neckwear:-

This are Silver plated neckwear beautifully studded with the Kundan and also has matching earring with it. They showcase the real beauty of Kundan & silver which can be styled for any special occasion. They are designed very unique way and will definitely give you unique look compared to other jewelry.


2. Kundan Studded Earrings:

We have wide range of collection in Kundan studded earrings available various shapes and unique styles from simple and subtle to long and detailed designs. Each of them has something unique in it which will stand out different and will add the touch of elegance to your style.

3. Kundan Studded Bracelets:-

Kundan studded Bracelet are designed in sync with all Kundan earrings and necklace so that it can be staked in combination or alone. They are made adjustable and can feet to any wrist size.

4. Kundan Studded Rings

We have recently updated our ring collection with bigger size rings which are in trend since many days. Rings can be styled in any special occasion to elevate your dressing.

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